Sunday, July 10, 2011

Girls Sleepover

I decided it would be fun to have all of our nieces over to our new house for a girls sleepover!  All except Hayzlie and Vivienne came..they are too little:)  We had 5 little princesses over to our house and we had such a good time!  Gage was even such a good sport and was so helpful to me!  He was our prince at the party:) 

Princess Tea Party.. I talked with an accent to them and by the end they were all saying.."more tea please darling."  haha

All of our Princesses!  I cant get enough of all of them!  Brooklynn, Meg, Ava, Vea, Stori

We played outside forever..all my neighbors had to come check out all the girls dressed up! 

Ice Cream Picnic Outside..

Painting everyone's Nails..

Homeade Playdough.. they loved it! 

And best of all..Movie and snugging in bed:) 
I got a little taste of how hard it would be to have kids but all the girls were so good and everyone played together amazing!  I am excited to make this a new tradition!  Im so lucky to have such great family and the cutest nieces ever!