Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing Outside

The weather has not been cooperating much but we have been able to get outside a few times to do some fun things! Gage took me on an amazing hike and proved what a baby i am when it comes to hiking! We also went on a fun ride up to Silver lake to go fishing!! I love being so close to the mountains and being able to spend some time outside with my hubby doing what he loves most!!
My excuse for a "break" to stop and take some pictures on our hike:)
Gage thought it was so funny watching me try to cross this tiny stream
What an awesome view!
The best part about our fishing trip was sitting and looking at the beautiful mountains.. the foggy day made an amazing view! It looks like a painting!
Gage in his knee high boots trying to catch some fish
Still waiting to catch something...........

Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Week

Ever since i was little I have absolutely loved my birthday! This year my dad told me it wasn't mardi gras and there was no reason for me to be celebrating for a whole week:) ha ha! First I went out with me and my hubby, then out with friends, a family party with gages family.. and then Vegas!! Everyone was so good to me and I am so lucky to have great family, great inlaws and great friends!! Thanks everyone!!!! I knew i wanted to go somewhere fun for my birthday and Gage wasnt able to leave work to take me anywhere so my momma and sister (we missed you Amber) were nice enough to take me to Vegas to celebrate!! We spent a few days baking in the hot hot heat down there and had a blast!! We layed at the pool both days and shopped a ton!! I was too busy having fun the entire birthday week that i didnt take any pictures but i got a few on our trip!
My dream birthday dinner came true!!! Seafood buffet at Mandalay Bay... plate after plate of crab legs and shrimp.. mmmm!!!
We shop, shop, shopped the whole weekend!!
Brooklynn was just one of the girls..she did so good!
We even got in a little gambling at the end and i gave up after i immediately lost 30 dollars! I could have bought a shirt with that money i lost in 2 seconds!!