Monday, August 8, 2011

Surprise Party

This year we decided to have a Surprise Party for my Dad's 65th Birthday!! He had no idea, and it turned out perfectly! Lots of friends and family came, all of his favorite treats, and of coarse oldies music from the juke box!  The house was packed full of people and lots of them he hadnt seen in years so it was the perfect surprise! He wasnt very happy that we pulled this stunt behind his back, but once the party started he was loving it! Happy Birthday Dad!! You are amazing! 

 Dont you think we are twins??
 These 3 are way too much alike!
 These Grandkids ADORE their Grandpa!  ( We missed you Boston)

 Golf Cupcakes
 Gage and Grandpa Keetch
 Dad and his girls! Sometimes he wishes we would leave him alone but we just cant :)
 Cutest parents

Him and His Pepsi! 

We love you Dad!!!!!