Sunday, November 30, 2008


We're getting married!! Yay! Saturday was Gage's birthday so of coarse I wasn't expecting anything.. He had his sister Makenzie call and tell me they were planning a suprise party for Gage that night and that she had given him some stuff to do to keep us busy for a couple hours until they were ready. So when he came over he had a scavenger hunt for us to do. It said "Happy Birthday Gagey" at the top and gave us clues for things to do including going to lunch and go up the canyon. This whole time me thinking this was what his sister had planned for his birthday. When we got to the park in the canyon the clue said "take a picture on the bridge." The next clue said on the other side "you will find a perfectly square rock" which obviously meant the ring but i didn't pick up on that and started walking up a trail looking for rocks on the ground! ha ha When i walked back to where Gage was standing it said Will You Marry Me written in rocks on the ground and the last clue said "give that rock to the person you want to spend eternity with." I immediately started crying and he got down on one knee and proposed!!! It was perfect and Im so happy!!! The ring is beautiful! Im so lucky! We are planning to get married in the Spring so get used to calling me Mrs. Eckles:) Yay!!

Right after, I still have tears in my eyes!
The picture we took on the bridge

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend!

We had such a fun Halloween this Year!! We were able to go to lots of Haunted houses and hang out with lots of friends:) Thanks so much everyone for making it so fun! Fred and Wilma:)
My & my bestie Tava

Gage and I at the dreaded grove
Nightmare on 13th