Saturday, November 20, 2010


First snowboarding trip of the season!!  The snow was so awesome and the weather was perfect!!  I love when we get a day just me and Gage!    Such an awesome day on the mountain, and many more to come!

                                                       Day at Brighton!
               Gage is so good and he is patient enough to teach me!! I'm getting better and better!
              I had to give Gage one of his Birthday presents early since it was snowboarding goggles:) cute!
                                                                I love him!
                                 What an amazing view!!  I could just sit up there all day and look!
Lift Ride!!  Cant wait for lots of snowboarding this year!!


Clint & Jacqui said...

CUTE! love you guys. looks like you guys are having so much fun. miss you

JD & Whitney said...

you look so gorgeous even in those big goggles!

Steve and Alana Nelson said...

oh my gosh. i cannot tell you how jealous i am.... i miss it SOOOOOOOOO BAD!

Jenn said...

Yay!!! What cute pics, I can't wait to come home and board with you guys! You two are sooo cute! Love ya lots!

-m- said...

you two are so CUTE!