Thursday, April 22, 2010

What we been doin

We went to the Living Planet Aquarium and it was so fun!! I think we were the only people there without strollers or kids but we are just big kids! They had the coolest fish there!

Gage with the crocodile:)

The penguins are so funny to watch!

Gage bought a Harley

Yes Gage bought a brand new Harley Davidson! I was definately not happy about this purchase at first but Gage loves it more than me!! I just have to keep telling myself it makes him happy so i have to try to like it too:) He also bought me a pink helmet and a harley shirt so i could at least look hot while i ride on the back!

We went through the Temple
Most importantly we went through the Temple on April 17th! It was such a great experience and we cant wait to be sealed on May 8th!

What's coming up

We have almost been married 1 Year! Time has gone by so fast and its already been almost a year!!! We are going to be sealed on our anniversary in the Jordan River Temple and then spend the weekend in Park City!
We are getting ready to move into my parents basement.... we have loved living in our basement apartment but we are excited to save some money and have our own place in the near future!!
Gage got a job doing wild fires this summer.... so he will be gone a lot!! He loved being outdoors and doing stuff like that so im sure he is going to love it!!!