Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Halloween Party

We had so much fun at my family Halloween Party! We ate pizza and homemade rootbeer, decorated cookies, had a fishing pond for the kids, balloon/dart game, and painting with worms. We all died laughing at everyones costumes and watching the kids!! My family is the best!!!!!!
I know you have never seen anything so funny as my hilarious dad:)
Yay for everyone dressing up!
ha ha! this picture is so funny! my parents are too great:)
Its impossible to get a good picture of all the kids but we tried! They loved the party and they all looked so cute!
Painting with worms!!


Dave and Amy said...

Look at you postin' away. :) that is such a cute idea to do a family halloween party. everyone does look so cute. Especially your parents. I miss not seeing your family very often. I ran into breck the other day, she's actually in my ward. fun. Thanks for the text today, you tell me when you can hang out and I'll make it happen. I wanna see pics of your appt. Miss ya, love ya~

Matt and Erica said...

I love your parents costumes! You guys all look so cute in your costumes!