Sunday, September 6, 2009

So Long Summer

I cant believe that summer is over already!!! So many new things happened this summer.. we got married, new job, Gage started school again and lots more! We were still able to get some time off to go out to LA when my bro had his major league debut.. it was awesome and we had so much fun!! We were also able to see Gage's sister Jenn while we were out there:) It was so good to see her! This last month we have tried to squeeze in as much summer fun as possible before it was over! We went with my family down to Las Vegas to watch some more of Mitch's games. We always love going to see him whenever we get a chance!! We went swimming a lot due to the fact that Gage was addicted to the flo rider at the Lindon Pool. (I didnt get any good pictures of that to show you) Im so sad that summer is over but we are excited for what is ahead!!!!
Las Vegas Games...this picure makes me laugh.. Gage thought he was funny trying to get in every picture!

Dodger Stadium
Me and Brooklynn spent lots of time at the pool:)
Eastons first Day of Kindergarten! I dropped him off and it made me so sad!!! He is so big!

I love these kids!!!


Jacqui Kimball said...

easton is in school now!! wow i remember when me and you walked over to the hospital after tavi had him. that is crazy he is getting so big now. time flies by! you summer looked fun megs and hope things are going well in the married life it looks like it. love ya girl

JD & Whitney said...

My nephew had his first day of kindergarten too it's so sad how fast they grow up! You're so pretty and gage is such a hottie!! Your kids will be beautiful. Miss you

Ryan and Melissa said...

Aaaawww I love the newly wed moments. Enjoy it while it lasts!!! My baby came quickly and wasn't a plan!!! Haha... So take your time :) You looked beautiful in all of your wedding photos. I am so happy for you. Being married is the best :)

Jenn said...

Aww!! I love those pics! Makes me miss you guys so much!