Sunday, October 30, 2011

Murder Mystery Party

This year for Halloween, I decided to throw a murder mystery dinner party! The theme was "Horror at Homecoming" so everyone came dressed in their characters for homecoming! We made soups, breadsticks and lots of yummy desserts!  It turned out great and we seriously had so much fun!!!!


 We had 13 couples come and we all took "homecoming photos". Here are a few of them.. Everyone got really into it and played their characters awesome!

 This is when the murder took place..Bobby Backer was killed at homecoming  by Cindy Sensational

 Half of the dinner table
Sarah Social and Cindy Sensational..

 The night turned out great and we really have the most amazing friends! I cant wait to do it again!



Duncahoo said...

AWESOME! You two look great. What a fun party!

Martin Worthington said...

Dear Eckles Family

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Martin (for Daggerville Games)