Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gage B DaY

It was Gage's Birthday this week and I think he had the best one yet! I love him more every year and I cant wait for lots more birthdays to come!!!

We started off by celebrating with the Eckles Family with dinner and cake at Grandma's house! Gage's favorite spaghetti dinner and dessert! He was definitely spoiled by everyone and we are so lucky he has such a great family!!!
Next Gage came into Amara to enjoy a day at the spa and get pampered by me!
{ lucky guy right?! }

 Birthday Morning we started off with presents and breakfast, and then headed off to go snowboarding for the day! 

 We went to Brighton and It was the perfect day!! Warm weather and not very many people were there!

 So Beautiful up there!!!

 Then we headed up to Park City to hang out and have lunch at Gage's favorite Pizza Place..Davanza's!

We finished off the night with a movie and of coarse Mi Ranchito! 

I love this Picture!!! We finished off by celebrating with the Jones Fam! We always let the kids help us blow out the candles but Gage, being the uncle that he is, hurried and blew them all out before any of the kids had a chance!  They were so sad so we had to re light them and try again!  haha!!


The Belnaps said...

That picture of all the kids with Gage is so dang cute! I'm glad he had such a good birthday!

Duncahoo said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Dude! We love you!